General Article The Lionesses roar: what next for equality in football?

Topic Selected: Gender Equality Book Volume: 432

Carrie Dunn, author of a history of women’s football, speaks to experts about gender equality in the sport – and finds that the issues within the game are found across society.

Where there’s success, there’s talk of money. England’s Lionesses hadn’t even packed away their gold medals after winning UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 before the murmurs began about their salaries. After all, the men’s senior team haven’t won anything since 1966 and they get paid millions. Why shouldn’t the women get the same?

Since 2020, England’s international teams – male and female – have received a match fee from the Football Association (FA) of around £2,000. All the men donate that to charity as do some of the women.

The bonuses on offer at major tournaments, however, are somewhat different. If the women had won the World Cup in 2019, they would have got £50,000 each. Had the men won their tournament in Russia the year before, they were in line to get £217,000 each.

That’s because the FIFA prize funds – the ...

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