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By Amy Himsworth

What is it?

‘Meat Free Monday’ is a campaign launched by musician and animal welfare activist Sir Paul McCartney in June 2009. It encourages people to eat meals which are meat-free on one day a week (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Monday!).

The campaign is not the first to encourage meat eaters to occasionally forgo meat – the Belgian town of Ghent launched a large-scale effort to make every Thursday a meat-free day in May 2009.

What are the reasons behind it?

One reason promoted by the ‘Meat Free Monday’ campaign is the potential health benefits of following a balanced, vegetarian diet on one day each week.

However, the central issue that sparked the campaign was the environment. Many people are aware of the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to slow the rate of climate change. Reducing meat consumption is one way of contributing to this reduction.

The links between meat production and climate change have been debated for several ye...

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