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Our families shape our lives in every sense, from the argument we had this morning to the hope of a visit of a loved one. Yet, we don’t often consider the size, structure, shape and attitudes we have towards our own family or what we would view as a ‘normal’ family in today’s Britain. In this report, we hope to shed new light on the subject by not only exploring the architecture of family, but also our attitudes towards it. Can we live alone and still be part of a family? Do unmarried couples with children or gay couples constitute a ‘proper’ family? Are our changes in attitude a positive force for good, or are we just accepting a poorer future for all? 

This report, produced by Scottish Widows Centre for the Modern Family, will be the first of many to provide insights into attitudes towards family in Britain today. Rather than offering answers at this stage, this report, and the research it reflects, asks important questions. It is the springboard for further, more detailed resear...

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