General Article The psychological effect of injury

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Injury is part and parcel of a sports person’s life. No one goes through their career without suffering some form of injury. How you cope with it can define who you are as a person and whether or not you ever fully recover. Everything from a minor knock to a full-on career-ending injury impacts the individual psychologically and directly affects their future performance. In fact, not only are the individuals affected, but often those around them too. Family, friends, colleagues and team-mates have an important part to play on the often lonely road to recovery. A good support network can be as vital as a good physio!

What I propose to do is to have a look at injury from a number of perspectives, including young and mature players, social and professional players. It’s very difficult to have a one-size-fits-all answer to how each injury affects the individual. I myself spent a lifetime playing and injuries of all shapes and sizes were part of the daily grind. I will use some of these ...

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