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Most of us are familiar with the pleasant glow that follows a couple of drinks. But there are other effects that alcohol has on your body and mind which may surprise you.


What happens when you drink?

Within minutes of taking your first sip, alcohol enters your bloodstream through your stomach wall and is circulated to every part of your body, including your heart, liver and brain. It acts on nerve cells throughout your body and slows down the speed at which your nerves send messages to each other.

If you have one or two drinks, you may find you become more talkative and feel more cheerful and relaxed. But drink a couple more and you will take longer to react, you may misjudge situations and may also find that you start slurring your speech. Walking and coordination may also become more difficult.


So what’s happening to your mind and body?

The effects of alcohol on your mind

Alcohol is a depressant. Drink too much and your brain will have difficulty processing information...

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