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The Terrorism Act 2000

The Terrorism Act 2000 greatly widens the definition of terrorism and gives the Government the power to proscribe particular organisations. It criminalises a wide variety of activities considered to be in support of proscribed organisations. It extends UK law to cover activities carried out in foreign countries.

Subsequent terrorism acts have had the effect of introducing changes to the Terrorism Act 2000. Unfortunately, the Government hasn’t published a straightforward text of the Act as it now applies, although there have been suggestions that it should do so.

21 groups were proscribed under the Act in March 2001. A further four were proscribed in October 2002 and a following 15 groups were proscribed on 14 October 2005. 46 organisations are currently proscribed, two of them under powers introduced in the Terrorism Act 2006, as glorifying terrorism. A further 14 organisations in Northern Ireland are proscribed under previous legislation.

The Anti-terrori...

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