General Article The truth about racism in the UK

Topic Selected: Racism Book Volume: 376

In December, grime artist Stormzy caused a media frenzy by pointing out the UK’s racism. Here, Jude Yawson, co-author with Stormzy on his book Rise Up, calls out the hypocrisy that exists in UK media and explains why we urgently need wider representation in our culture.

By Jude Yawson

To exist as a historically conscious black or Asian person in Britain is to exist knowing that a majority of your white counterparts do not acknowledge your history. They have not been forced to adopt centuries of trauma, or been subjected to the racialised perceptions created over that time. They have not originated from mother countries gradually drying from the imperialism they were soaked in, and do not have to live in recognition of slavery and colonialism and the impact these have had on their countries and people.

They will never walk around a university campus surrounded by artefacts stolen from other countries, or see the colonialists who ravaged their mother countries celebrated as heroic fig...

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