General Article This group of people have benefited most from the UK smoking ban

Topic Selected: Smoking and Health

And it isn’t smokers... 

By Sophie Gallagher

A decade since the UK public smoking ban was introduced, researchers have been finding out who has benefitted most from the changes.

And the new study from Lancaster University has found there is one group whose well-being has improved more than all other demographics – married women with children.

This finding is particularly important because it highlights the welfare impact extends beyond just smokers themselves.

The World Health Organization reports that every single year seven million deaths worldwide are directly caused by the habit, which leads to diseases such as cancer, heart disease and strokes.

They also say that tobacco kills 50% of its users.

Ten years ago it was hoped that the ban, which stopped smokers from lighting up in enclosed spaces (such as pubs and restaurants) from 2006 in Scotland and 2007 in England, would motivate people to quit.

And to

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