General Article 'Tobacco marketing harmful to kids'

Topic Selected: Smoking and Health
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The majority of UK adults believe that children should not be exposed to any tobacco marketing, while four out of five of the 4,099 people interviewed believe that tobacco marketing is harmful to children, according to new data published by Cancer Research UK this week.

  • 84% of UK adults say that children shouldn’t be exposed to tobacco marketing
  • 79% believe that tobacco marketing is harmful to children
  • 69% agree that the stylish, colourful branding, striking logos and distinctive packet design makes cigarettes more appealing to children

The results come in light of government consultations over whether to put all tobacco in packs of uniform size, shape and design, with large health warnings front and back.

  • When asked about how brand aware children are, 24% of parents and grandparents of children under the age of 18 said that they thought it was important for their oldest child or grandchild to have specific branded goods*
  • Although 51% said their oldest child or grandchil...

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