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(adj) An umbrella term describing people who feel the need to present themselves to the world in a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. Transgender people may go on to describe themselves as transsexual, transvestite, crossdressers, intersex or by a number of other terms (including, simply, man or woman).

(adj, occ n) A person who wears the clothing of the gender opposite to the one they were assigned at birth, but does not feel the requirement to live permanently in that role, and does not fundamentally question the gender with which they were assigned at birth.

(adj) A person who holds the belief that they should be living full time in the gender role opposite to that assigned to them at birth may be said to be transsexual (NB not ‘a transsexual’). Transsexual people often (though not always) take steps to change their bodies to reflect their deeply-held understanding of their inner gender.

(n, vi) The process ...

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