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In a jam

The past 50 years have seen a revolution in the way we travel. We’re able to travel further and faster and do more. Millions of us today have more independence and mobility than ever before. That’s partly because most households in the UK now own a car.
But cars are a mixed blessing. The way we travel is having a huge impact on us, our environment and the economy. Air pollution from traffic makes asthma worse for millions of children. Thousands of people are killed or seriously injured on the roads every year. Some of our best countryside and most important wildlife sites are threatened by road-building. Congestion costs the economy billions of pounds every year. And aeroplanes are causing noise and pollution nightmares for tens of thousands of people.
Perhaps the biggest problem of all is transport’s contribution to climate change through carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Climate change is the world’s greatest environmental challenge. It will hit developing countries hardest ...

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