General Article Two-thirds of people unhappy with pay gap in their workplace

Topic Selected: Gender Equality
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Two-thirds of people believe the gap between the highest and lowest earners in their workplace is too large, according to polling in a new report published today by IPPR. The report says that government, business and unions should do more to make pay fairer in UK businesses. An overwhelming 78 per cent of people would support government action to reduce the gap between high and low earners, with 82 per cent of those saying government should act in both the public and private sectors.
The report – Getting what we deserve? Attitudes to pay, reward and desert – shows that the disproportionate influence of the finance sector is behind much of the massive increase in executive pay over the last 30 years. The report explains how excessive bonuses are paid to a small number of top earners, yet ordinary workers often see no extra money when their organisation is doing well. The new polling shows that half of the public think that bonuses should be awarded on an organisational or team basis, ...

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