General Article Two-thirds want GM to be kept off their plate

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Two-thirds of people in the UK want GM crops to be kept out of the food chain, a new survey reveals today (Tuesday, 15 June 2010). Friends of the Earth and GM Freeze are urging the Government and supermarkets to listen to public opinion and take action to protect our food and farming from GM.
The GfK NOP survey for Friends of the Earth and GM Freeze also revealed that:

  • less than 40 per cent were aware that GM is currently creeping onto their plates via imported GM animal feed being fed to animals in British factory farms;
  • while there is currently no requirement for retailers to identify animal products containing GM to consumers, 89 per cent of those surveyed wanted these products to be clearly labelled;
  • 72 per cent would pay extra for non-GM food.

The survey comes as Friends of the Earth and GM Freeze have learnt that US-owned food retailer Asda has abandoned its commitment to GM-free eggs and poultry. The campaigning groups are calling on Asda and other supermarkets to resp...

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