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Why you could get a prison sentence

You could get a prison sentence if:

  • the crime you commit is so serious (for example, murder) that it’s the only suitable punishment;
  • a court thinks the public must be protected from you.

If you have already spent time ‘on remand’

If you have already spent time remanded in custody (in prison waiting for the trial), the time in custody is taken off your prison sentence.

If you’re given more than one prison sentence

If you’re convicted of committing more than one crime, you are usually given a sentence for each one. For example, if you commit a driving offence and the police also find illegal drugs on you, you will get a sentence for each offence.

Concurrent and consecutive sentences

Sentences for more than one offence can be served (carried out) concurrently or consecutively.
Concurrent sentences are served at the same time. Consecutive sentences are served one after the other – for example, a six-month sentence followed by a three-month...

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