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The experience of ageing in the UK is poor compared to other EU countries, with older people in this country the loneliest, poorest and the most concerned about age discrimination, according to a major report by older people’s charity, WRVS.

The research, which focuses on a range of indicators, including health, wealth and levels of loneliness in four countries (the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden), graded the UK third in its overall performance.

Loneliness and lacking somebody to confide in are a particular problem in the UK, the report concludes. Older people in the UK have the highest rates of loneliness and they feel – more than older people in the other three countries – that they do not socialise as much as other people their age. One reason for this may be long-term underinvestment by local authorities in services that reduce isolation and loneliness.

In terms of the overall health of over-65’s, the UK perfor

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