General Article UK population set to rise by three million in next decade due to net migration increases

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And major changes needed to care for ageing citizenry, charity warns.

By Conrad Duncan

The UK population is set to increase by three million within the next ten years and pass the 70 million mark in the early 2030s, according to government statistics.

The number of people in the UK is expected to rise by 4.5 per cent over the next 10 years, from an estimated 66.4 million in mid-2018 to 69.4 million in mid-2028, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said.

By mid-2031, the population is projected to pass 70 million, and by mid-2043, it is predicted to reach 72.4 million.

Net international migration is expected to account for 73 percent of the UK’s population growth, with the ONS predicting 5.4 million people will immigrate long term to the UK between 2018 and 2028, while 3.3 million people will emigrate long-term from the UK.

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