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With increasing rates of overweight/obesity worldwide, we are forever being told to follow a healthy diet and that homemade is usually best. Unfortunately, due to work/study, family or other pressures and time constraints, convenience has a big influence on our food choices. It is in these situations especially that understanding how to read food labels is important.

1. Nutrition labels can help you

  • Compare products/brands
  • Check how much fat, sugar or salt is in a food
  • Choose the healthiest option
  • Check the ingredients
  • Understand what a typical portion size is

2. What am I looking for?

  • Average adult guidelines:
  • Female = 2000 kcal per day
  • Male = 2500 kcal per day

3. I need to make a quick decision!

  • Some labels use red, amber and green (traffic light) colour coding
  • A quick glance can help you discover whether a food is high, medium or low in calories, sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt
  • Generally, the more green lights, the healthier the choice!

4. The ingred...

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