General Article Understanding LGBT domestic abuse

Topic Selected: Domestic Abuse
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There are a number of myths about domestic abuse in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) relationships that can prevent people seeking help. Sometimes an abuser will deliberately use these myths to try and stop the victim reporting their experiences.

In the case of domestic abuse in LGBT relationships, myths are often based on prejudice or stereotypical attitudes towards LGBT relationships. As a result, they divert attention away from the actions of the abuser.

Here are examples of common myths surrounding LGBT domestic abuse:

Myth: Domestic abuse doesn’t happen in LGBT relationships

Reality: Recent research suggests that domestic abuse is a significant issue in LGBT relationships. Some research suggests that around one in four LGBT people will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives. This is the same as the number of straight women who will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Myth: Any abuse in LGBT intimate relationships is mutual so both part...

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