General Article Unreal life: just 22% of Brits believe internet personalities portray life honestly

Topic Selected: Internet Book Volume: 371

Most social media users don’t trust influencer endorsements – but most engage with them regardless.

By Russell Feldman, Director of Digital, Media and Technology

Brits on social media have major trust issues: two-thirds (66%) believe that people’s lives as shown online ‘aren’t as perfect as they seem’.

But if they’re sceptical of people on the whole, they can be especially dubious when it comes to influencers. New research from YouGov reveals that only 22% believe that social media celebrities portray their lives honestly – and just 2% believe they portray their lives in a ‘very honest’ way.

So how much does this honesty actually matter?

Brits aren’t under the influence

A plurality (44%) of Brits say that influencers generally portray their lives dishonestly – and more tellingly, over half (54%) of those who’ve seen dishonest content from th

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