General Article Using augmented reality to help disabled shoppers

Topic Selected: Disabilities

By Adi Gaskell

Augmented reality has become increasingly powerful in the past year as the technology gradually moves from gimmick status to something more worthwhile. One of the more interesting applications attempts to make the shopping experience more friendly for disabled shoppers.

This is a particular issue, as the shopping experience is not generally designed with disabled people in mind, and research suggests that many dislike asking for assistance when shopping. Getting help from technology however was different, so the researchers set about designing just that.

Augmented shopping

They set about developing a pilot that utilized augmented reality to help people with three different levels of impairment.

The team developed an app for the first group and tested it in a dummy store setup. When the consumer entered the store, they loaded the app and it presented them with a virtual replica of the store. When the consumer came upon something t

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