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Bullying pervasiveness and frequency is heightened amongst certain groups. But bullying is a significant problem amongst all young people.
In 2010 Beatbullying carried out analysis of two research data sets to explore the characteristics of persistent bullying. The study suggests that the characteristics that drive persistent bullying are less likely to be members of a particularly vulnerable group and more likely to be about ‘any difference’ (Persistency, Duration and Vulnerable Groups, Beatbullying, 2010).

What are the drivers of persistent bullying?

  • 40% ‘looks’
  • 25% ‘because good at something’­
  • 10% race
  • 8% SEN/Health
  • 5% religion
  • 3% sexuality

Characteristics of bullying victims

Regular victims of bullying tend to have common characteristics, one is ‘passive’ or ‘submissive’, characterised by (Olweus, 1991):

  • Tendency to be anxious and insecure
  • Low self-esteem, with a negative valuation of themselves
  • Few friends; with the friends they are likely to have being low so...

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