General Article We don’t know the true extent of cyberbullying – and children need help dealing with it.

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Peter Macaulay, Staffordshire University

There are growing fears about the rise of cyberbullying and its impact on children. Unlike traditional face-to-face bullying, a bully can conceal their identity online and target their victims constantly without the limits of location or time.

A lack of reporting of cyberbullying and its low visibility when compared to face-to-face bullying make it difficult to gauge its true extent and impact. However, investigating rates of cyberbullying is extremely complex.

Teachers regard cyberbullying to be more serious than face-to-face bullying because there are always new ways for children to bully online through new apps and technologies, making it difficult to identify and respond to cyberbullying. Young people also believe that cyberbullying is more serious and more problematic in the school environment than face-to-face bullying.

However, it is difficult to truly assess how widespread cyberbullying is. It ...

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