General Article We don't need mega-dairies

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These findings mean huge zero-graze dairies, where cows are pushed to their limit to produce ever higher amounts of milk, aren’t necessary for dairy farmers to make money. That damages the credibility of the ‘bigger is better’ argument for zero-graze mega-dairies with high yielding cows.

Profiting from efficient milk production

The report, Profiting from efficient milk production, was produced by Dairy Co. It outlines the key findings of its milkbench and programme, which allows farmers to benchmark their dairy’s performance against others.
It concludes: ‘Milk can be produced efficiently from any of the major systems that are currently practised in Britain. Moreover, efficient milk production is possible at almost any scale of production.’

Cows belong in fields

This makes encouraging reading for everyone who believes, like Compassion in World Farming, that cows belong in fields, as it confirms industrial dairying is not the only viable model for dairy farming in the UK. Tradition...

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