We have an opportunity to create a new ‘common sense’ on human rights

Topic Selected: Human Rights

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By Rachel Krys, Communications Director, Equally Ours


Children are experiencing human rights abuses every day in the UK. Child abuse and neglect, lack of adequate housing and inadequate provision of specialist services for particular groups like children in care, care leavers and disabled children. More than ever, children need their human rights to be made a reality.

Across the country, children and their advocates use human rights to achieve real change and force authorities to make their policies and practices fairer. Human rights meant that a local authority was prosecuted for failing four children who were suffering neglect and abuse at the hands of their parents. Three teenage brothers were able to use human rights to argue they should have access to a lawyer to represent their views in court about which parent should have custody. A homeless family won the right to stay together after a judge ruled the council, which initially planned to t

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