General Article We need to look further than Priti Patel, bullying in Parliament is rife

Topic Selected: Bullying Book Volume: 380

Another day has passed and more allegations of bullying by the Home Secretary Priti Patel have surfaced.

And yet, somehow, she clings on to her role – thanks in no small part to the backing she has received from the prime minister. She has denied any wrongdoing and her supporters say it is a ‘smear campaign’, but it is difficult to imagine a leader in any other walk of life being allowed to stay in a position of power when they are facing such claims.

But this is not an article about Patel. Or at least, not about her specifically. It is a call for us to use this moment to examine not only the finer points of her alleged behaviour – as important as that will be to the case against her – but also the structural problems in our politics that allow bullies (and there are many, even if the claims against Patel are not upheld) to thrive. Compassion in Politics, a cross-party organisation, has spoken to civil servants about the Patel case and it’s clear hers is an unusual one – but not in ...

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