General Article We need to talk to our children about pornography – even if it makes us uncomfortable

Topic Selected: Sexualising Society Book Volume: 386

Until we talk about how porn isn’t a balanced representation of how sex should be enjoyed, we’ll never change the culture that implies being sexually assaulted – and living in fear – is just part of being a woman.

By Shappi Khorsandi

We need to talk to our children about pornography. None of us want to, but we have to. And it can’t wait until they are 17 – that’s too late; not least because they are absolutely sure they know more than their parents about everything, long before this age.

Rampant “rape culture” in schools and higher education institutions has been uncovered via a website called Everyone’s Invited, which asks people to call out sexism in schools across the UK via anonymous submissions.

Anonymous testimonials share experiences of sexual abuse – and a quick look through it had me in tears. So many were schoolchildren, mostly girls, being abused by other pupils.

Now, I’m not saying online pornography is solely to blame; obviously sexual assault happened before the intern...

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