General Article What are the negative effects of tourism on the environment?

Topic Selected: Travel and Tourism Book Volume: 365

Unsustainable tourism can have significant negative effects on the environment of a region.

Tourism is usually regarded as a boon to a region’s economy. Tourism brings prosperity to the region and provides employment to the locals of the region. However, when tourism becomes unsustainable in nature, it can have disastrous consequences on the environment. When the tourist industry active in the region crosses the legal and ethical barriers to earn more profit, it can lead to massive degradation of the environment in the area. Local human population, flora and fauna, suffer greatly due to such irresponsible and unsustainable tourism. Some of the ways in which tourism adversely impacts the environment have been mentioned below:

Tourism and pollution

Transport of tourists results in air pollution

The movement of tourists from their home to the tourist destination involves transport via road, rail, or air, or a combination of thes

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