General Article What are the signs of radicalisation?

Topic Selected: Terrorism Book Volume: 355

As young people go through a process of testing and developing their identity, they may be particularly vulnerable to being groomed or radicalised, either face-to-face or online.

Signs of radicalisation

Very few people that have extremist ideologies become involved in violent activity. However, it is important to consider the following points contextualised to what you know about the individual.

Do they …

  • Advocate extremist messages
  • Access extremist literature and imagery
  • Show an interest in and sympathy to extremist causes
  • Glorify violence
  • Refuse to listen to different points of view
  • Feel persecuted
  • Own additional mobile phones or devices
  • Spend an increasing amount of time on the internet. This may be in secret or they may have more than one online identity.

Have they…

  • Changed their friendship group or associate with people who hold extremi

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