General Article What can I do with my A-levels?

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University, university, university. That’s the only reason why you do A-levels, right? Well, it’s a fantastic option, but A-levels aren’t just a one-way ticket to university. It’s high time that we start acknowledging ALL the options A-levels open up. So kick back and relax as we take you through a whirlwind tour of what you can do with your A-levels.


Option 1: University

It’s the traditional route and still a very good one. Degrees are not to be sniffed at and can be the ticket to some great career options. If you’re set on going to university, you’ll need to do plenty of research into the degree courses and universities on offer, finding one that tallies with your interests and career plans. You can browse our university profiles and courses section to find out more. Tuition fees might seem like a lot, but there is plenty of financial support out there in the form of loans, bursaries and grants that you can take advantage of.

The long university holidays can be used to build...

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