General Article What can you do about stress?

Topic Selected: Anxiety
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Avoid the sources of your stress

Once you have pinpointed the main sources of stress in your life, think about what you could do to avoid them. For example:

  • If traffic jams are causing you stress, think about how you can change your journey to work. For example, can you leave earlier or later, or can you walk, cycle or use public transport part or all of the way, or take a different route to work?
  • If your workload is too great, talk to your manager and ask if you can have extra help, attend a time management course or have some extra training.
  • If you are having family problems, talk things through with those close to you. Plan to have some time enjoying things together. Or think about having some counselling.
  • If you are just too busy, prioritise and drop some of your commitments.

Change how you respond to stressful situations

If you can’t remove the source of your stress, try to focus on changing your attitude towards it. Think about how you respond both physically an...

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