General Article What is done to stop halal slaughter?

Topic Selected: Animal Rights
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The Muslim method of slaughtering animals for food requires that the animals are alive and healthy at the time of slaughter. Stunning has been opposed by some Muslims because of concerns that the stun may kill the animal. The purpose of stunning is to make the animal unconscious rather than to kill it but some methods of stunning may induce cardiac arrest at the same time as loss of consciousness (e.g. electrical stunning methods where the electrodes
span the heart as well as the brain). However, head-only electrical stunning induces unconsciousness without stopping the heart from beating so that the animal is still alive when the throat is cut.
Following demonstrations of the reversible nature of electrical stunning applied to the head only, many Muslim authorities have accepted that this method of pre-stunning can be used in Halal slaughter. Data from the Meat Hygiene Service suggests that electrical stunning has now been routinely adopted in many Halal slaughterhouses in the UK a...

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