General Article What is the Territorial Army (TA)?

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Regional or National?

There are two types of Territorial Unit – Regional and National. Regional Units train on week nights and some weekends and recruit from the local area. You don’t need specific skills to join as you get all the training you need. National Units tend to be more specialised and recruit people with relevant experience from all over the country. Because members travel further to get to training, they don’t train on week nights.

Territorial training

All the training for your Army job takes place in your spare time, with evening and weekend training sessions and short residential courses. Once you’ve got the skills you need to do the job you’ll attend regular sessions with your unit. If you meet your minimum commitment by training for 27 days in a year with a Regional Unit, or 19 days with a National Unit, you get a tax-free cash bonus.

Who joins us?

People from every walk of life serve as Territorials. From bricklayers who use their skills to build Army bases to...

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