General Article What is the Terrorism Act 2000?

Topic Selected: Terrorism Book Volume: 355

By India Wentworth

This Act is the permanent anti-terrorism legislation in the UK. It works to combat the global problem of terrorism and the ways that terrorism is funded. With 2017 being arguably one of the most challenging years for police and security due to the UK terror attacks, the fight on terror is far from over. MI5's Andrew Parker stresses the severity of the problem by highlighting that the tempo of country terrorism operations is the highest he has ever seen it in his 34-year career.

In many cases, terrorist operations are fuelled from legitimate sources of money. By using clean money for deadly causes, they are tainting it, hence the name reverse money laundering.

The Act can be seen as a way to combat the financing of terrorism and consequently reduce the number of successful terrorist operations by leaving people more aware of where their money is going and therefore cuts off the money source for many terrorist groups.

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