General Article What it takes to truly heal after a death in your life - the right and the wrong of grief

Topic Selected: Bereavement
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If your goal is to live with, manage or cope with grief, then by all means there is no right or wrong way – read all the books or not, join bereavement groups or not, spend years in therapy or not, believe in the five stages or not. There are many different ways to live with grief so I guess there is no right or wrong.

But I’m not talking about living with grief. I am never talking about living with grief. I’m talking about healing from grief. And once you’ve healed there is no need to cope with, manage or live with grief… as there is no more grief.  Only love.

So if true healing from grief is what you want (and if it’s not then you are in the wrong place and talking to the wrong girl!) then I agree there are no right ways, as long as the path you are following will lead to healing.

My dear friends Tabitha Jayne and Leo Searle Hawkins have both healed completely and totally from grief. No pain, no grief – just love. And both have processes that are totally different to mine and t...

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