General Article When family life hurts: family experience of aggression in children

Topic Selected: Domestic Abuse
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In October 2010, Family Lives published a report exploring an issue that has been a growing trend on our helpline over the past few years: family experience of aggression in children. This report seeks once again to highlight this under-reported issue, adding new statistics.

Every year, Parentline, Family Lives’ free, round-the-clock family and parenting support telephone line, receives thousands of calls from distraught parents seeking help to manage their child’s violent or aggressive behaviour. Last year’s report analysed 83,469 long calls (classified as calls of a duration of 20 minutes or over) between the months of June 2008 and June 2010. This update looks at the 39,258 calls received by Parentline between July 2010 and June 2011.

‘My son, Harry, had a temper tantrum last night over not doing his homework. I restrained him, as he was attempting to smash up his bedroom. My other children were terrified, my husband doesn’t know what to do. Harry ripped my jeans and I have a h...

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