General Article Which GCSEs should you take? A guide to choosing subjects

Topic Selected: Student Choices Book Volume: 403

In England, most students will choose the GCSE subjects that they want to study in year nine, when they’re between thirteen and fourteen years old. GCSEs are then studied over the following two years leading to final exams. The majority of students will study nine or ten GCSEs, which is a credible number of qualifications for colleges, universities, and employers. Although, some academically advanced and ambitious students may take eleven or twelve GCSEs at a time. Why does this matter? Well, it depends on what career you have in mind. Taking triple science is recommended if you want to become a doctor, but it means you’ll end up studying more than ten subjects. And universities sometimes favour students who have a wide range of subjects under their belt, to show that they are well-rounded learners. When you choose your subjects, you’re shaping the beginning of your education, but also the direction of your life. They’re the starting point for further learning, so whilst they might ...

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