General Article Which type of modern family are you?

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The Centre for the Modern Family’s research has allowed us to divide up the population into ten distinct groups, based on people’s common characteristics, attitudes and experiences. The members of each group have a unique set of dimensions in common, but which differ from other groupings.

This rich and insightful segmentation has long-term relevance in understanding people’s attitudes and behaviours, enabling us to understand the challenges they face and the support they need.


Young, single and with few close family relationships, this group is happy with their family set-up, but feels poorly portrayed by the media.

Segment overview

People in this segment tend to be younger, with a high proportion of under-24s. They are more likely to be single and slightly more likely to be male. They all come from varied family set-ups and many of them report few close family relationships with limited contact and lack of a family member to whom they can turn for advice and support...

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