General Article Who is affected by gender discrimination?

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The annual Attitudes to Work study conducted by IFF Research shows that 17% of UK workers feel that men and women are not treated the same at work.
The study surveyed 460 employees and came up with some interesting results. Here are some of the opinions held by UK employees:

  • 12% believe men are treated better than women.
  • 5% believe women are treated better than men.
  • 15% of women believe that men are treated better than women.
  • 10% of men believe that they are treated better than women.
  • 9% of men believe that women are treated better than men.

Joint MD at IFF Research Jan Shury said: ‘We are seeing a stark gender divide among those who think discrimination exists. What’s even more interesting is the form in which people think discrimination takes place as this also differs greatly between the sexes. Men are seen as having an advantage in remuneration and career progression, whereas women are seen to be ahead in terms of how they are treated at a more personal level.’
11 July 2...

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