General Article Why are teens always tired?

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Trouble getting up on school days, dozing off in class, marathon lie-ins at weekends … You’d be forgiven for thinking teenagers sleep their lives away.
In fact, the opposite is true. Sleep experts say teens today are sleeping less than they ever have. This is a worry, as there’s a link between sleep deprivation and accidents, obesity and cardiovascular disorders.
Physiological changes, social pressures and external factors such as TVs and other stimulating gadgets in the bedroom contribute to late nights and mood swings.
Lack of sleep also affects teenagers’ education, as it can leave them too tired to concentrate in class and perform to their best ability in exams.

Teen sleep thieves

Our sleep patterns are dictated by light and hormones. When light dims in the evening, we produce a chemical called melatonin, which gives the body clock its cue, telling us it’s time to sleep.
‘The problem is that society has changed,’ says Dr Paul Gringras, consultant paediatrician and director of the ...

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