General Article Why are we attracted to dark tourism?

Topic Selected: Travel and Tourism Book Volume: 365

By Samantha Wragg

Dark tourism isn’t something new; however, it has only recently been given the official name after years of being a unique interest for certain travellers. Dark tourism is the act of travelling to a location that has an unusual or turbulent history and is a multi-million pound industry, with more and more travellers choosing to visit dark tourism locations every year.

Popularity of dark tourism

The growth in popularity has seen an increase in documentaries and various television shows around the topic of dark tourism, where hosts and presenters travel to some of the most popular locations and discover the troubled history for themselves. This has led to a further increase in travellers in these locations and sparked many a debate on whether dark tourism has a place in the world and why it’s so popular.

Should dark tourism exist?

While some people may disagree, dark tourism absolutely has a place in the t

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