General Article Why is landfill so bad?

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Why is landfill so bad? 

To strive towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future, we need to face the issues that are challenging us today. As a nation of consumers, we are forever buying new products, over-filling our fridges and opting for quick, cheap buys that have short life spans. Though many companies are taking huge strides to combat this by offering recyclable alternatives, landfills are still one of our biggest problems and one that has disastrous consequences for our planet. And as landfills are paid for by the council, it’s often the taxpayer who foots the bill.

What is landfill?

A landfill is, quite simply, a plot of land that’s used to dump waste. Think about a sea of broken, foul smelling rubbish that has been buried and left to rot for years on an unused piece of land — it’s not a pretty sight.

What’s worse is, that junk is not going anywhere.

For most households and businesses in the UK, there is a disconnection between waste and the impacts it has on the E...

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