General Article Why we need gender equity, not just equality

Topic Selected: Gender Equality Book Volume: 432

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day campaign is ‘embrace equity’. But what is gender equity, and how can we achieve it in the workplace, to the benefit of businesses?

By Emma Crabtree

Equity vs equality

The easiest way of describing the difference between equity and equality is that equality is the end goal and equity is how we get there.

Gender equality is giving all genders equal treatment when it comes to rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Gender equity, meanwhile, is about fairness. To ensure everyone has equal opportunities, we need to consider privilege, bias and other parameters that can limit how people access opportunities.

Inequality has a price

Gender inequality has widespread consequences. Globally, women account for only 38% of human capital wealth. In fact, inequality is costing us all. The World Bank Group estimates that if women had the same lifetime earnings as men, global wealth would increase by $23,620 per person, on average, in the 141 co...

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