General Article Why you should be concerned about privacy online

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Protecting your privacy online is vital to defend yourself against fraudsters, scammers, trolls and other threats when you’re using the web. However, just how private you want to be, is up to you.

Some people prefer to remain as anonymous as possible – the Internet is a very big place, and you never know who might be looking. Others prefer to simply limit the amount of information they share – for instance by controlling access to their personal details on social networking sites like Facebook so that only their friends can see them.

However much you decide to share, don’t forget that what goes online tends to stay online. Once you’ve made public a message or a photo, it can be taken and used by someone, and perhaps posted somewhere else without your knowledge. Even if you take it down later, it could still pop up somewhere else. Those cheeky holiday photos may not damage your reputation now, but if it’s possible that they might in the future, it’s best to think twice about postin...

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