General Article Why young people become homeless

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Family breakdown

Relationship breakdown, usually between young people and their parents or step-parents, is a major cause of youth homelessness. Around six in ten young people who come to Centrepoint report they had to leave home because of arguments, relationship breakdown or being told to leave.

Many have experienced long-term problems at home, often involving violence, leaving them without the family support networks that most of us take for granted. Read more about the role of family in the lives of homeless young people in our Family Life report.


Complex support needs

Young people who come to Centrepoint face a range of different problems. For example, a third of young people at Centrepoint have a mental health problem. Over a quarter of young people at Centrepoint are also known to use or suspected of using illegal drugs, and 13% have a physical health problem.

These problems often overlap, making it more difficult for young people to access help and increasing the cha...

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