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SportWatch are a Bristol-based organisation dedicated to providing increased coverage of women’s sport in Bristol. Their website is regularly updated to promote upcoming sporting events in Bristol and feature regular stories on local women athletes, as well as commentary, sports reports, and news articles. The campaign is only two months old and is part of the local Bristol Fawcett group that campaigns for gender equality and women’s rights in Bristol. They gave evidence to the recent Mayor’s Sport Commission which aims to raise sporting aspirations in the city. We spoke to the founders of SportWatch.

What were the reasons for undertaking the campaign?

I came late to sport and really loved it, it made a massive difference to me personally in terms of I was going through a stressful job reaching the higher echelons of management but not really feeling I had all the skills, and sport really helped me with that. It helped me to deal with stress and was an outlet, and one ...

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