General Article Women were kept out of infantry roles to make men more comfortable until today

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 - that’s shameful in itself

Why should it be women’s responsibility to make themselves scarce because someday a man might fancy her a little too much and get distracted from the whopping great AK47 being shot at him? 

By Harriet Hall

As of today, for the first time in history, all roles in the British military are open to women. That’s over 2,000 years since Boadicea rode her horse-drawn chariot into battle against the Roman Empire; 871 years since Eleanor of Aquitaine led an army of 300 women to Jerusalem in the Second Crusade of 1147; 589 years since Joan of Arc cropped her hair, slipped on men’s armour and led French troops to victory against the English at the besieged city of Orleans. That’s not to mention Queen Cleopatra, the Greek Amazons and Margaret of Angou. I could go on...

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