General Article Work Choice - is it working?

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When they came into office three years ago, the Coalition Government faced a difficult challenge: how to improve the prospects of getting disabled people into work when the last Government’s Pathways to Work programme was a failure. Their solution was to introduce Work Choice (a replacement for WORKSTEP and Work Preparation) and Work Programme, both with the aims of supporting disabled people who are seeking work. These are centralised employment programmes on a large scale, but, three years into the Coalition’s term, just how effective have they been?      

Work Choice was established to help disabled people who faced the most barriers to securing employment.  It promised a more personalised approach, tailored to the individual’s needs, through training, confidence building and interview coaching. It has been criticised in the report by Disability Rights UK, however, as failing the very people it was set up to help. Since 2011/2012, Work Choice has helped only 58 people with serio...

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