General Article Workplace bullying like persistent fault-finding and demeaning behaviour destroys lives ...

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 – here’s how to fight back

Devaluing and demeaning behaviour by a colleague are all ways in which the office, factory or even Parliament can turn into a nightmare.

By Etan Smallman 

In an era of corporate social responsibility, workplace wellness initiatives and even “chief happiness officers”, one age-old problem stubbornly refuses to pivot, evolve and, going forward, undergo a much-needed paradigm shift: workplace bullying.

Workplace bullying can seriously harm workers’ mental and physical health. Not to mention their productivity and a company’s bottom line.

Yet a quarter of employees think their organisation turns a blind eye to the issue, according to a report in January by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It found that half of victims did not report their bullying or harassment.

It also found that the groups most likely to become victims are black and Asian employees, women, and those with a disability. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that one in fo...

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