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So, civil partnership, is this marriage or not?

To all intents and purposes, yes. With civil partnerships you get every right and every privilege – and every responsibility – straight couples get when they marry.

It’s the same thing. You can even ask your relations for toasters.


What sort of rights do you mean?

Apart from the right to a new toaster and a great party? You get next-of-kin rights, you get rights in relation to your partner’s children, you get tax rights, including the same inheritance rights as straight married couples. And you get pension rights, so you may be able to claim your civil partner’s pension should they die…


Is that what we become, civil partners?

Yeah, but no one can stop you calling each other what you like – husband, wife, husbear, her indoors – though not on official documents. If you want to take your partner’s name on your driver’s licence say, or your passport, proof of identity and your civil partnership certificate will be enough to sor...

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