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Topic Selected: Child Abuse
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When I look at my grandchildren playing together and think of their future, I can be fairly confident that in our family culture my granddaughters will have equal opportunities to my grandsons to achieve whatever they want in their lives.
Ten million girls around the world however are not so fortunate. Every three seconds, a girl is coerced or forced into marriage, losing her childhood, her dreams and the opportunity to make her own choices about her life and relationships.
These girls are expected to marry early, have children and forget about any life except serving those children, their husbands and families – if they survive long enough to do so. It is usually a grim prospect of suffering until they die.

This is not just bad news for the girls themselves, who often have no education as a consequence. It also means that too many children are born into a world that is already overpopulated and half of the productive population of a developing country cannot participate f...

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